Wednesday, 23 January 2013

this is mann''

my second entry in a dark night today is i want to show a little bit about my bro ! also the owner of this is Mannn! blog . since i know him , i had the opportunity to learn lot of thing. he teach me lot ! his also wise in photography ! he like to play with lens'' making more fun only from camera lenses.

for me , he is suitable to be my bro ! always express themselves before sleep ! remembered during stay at the hostel of smkis last year .. HAHA..but now we can chat only from facebook . i hope our relationship has always been closely in syaa allah !

best of him is he always happy with his camera , playing guitar with his melodious voice , like to scream , lovely brother and like to teasing people*runsingrunsingrunsing . haha gila xD and also i like to read his post in english yg sempoii ^^ only that , kalau lebih2 nanti kembang pulak kan..''sudah cukup2 sudah'' song sedang bermain digegendang telinga suruh berhenti darpada terus menaip .. ohno..*laugh..before i forgot , he like to hug people ! hati hati ! BHAHA

ehemehem-dear sadiq,this is also my effort to promot your blog . please say thanks to me ! hah
wanna know more ? HERE Is his facebook and HERE is his blog,he is newbies in blogger , please support him //KBYE


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