Saturday, 26 January 2013

im just normal person

today ! my work not soo longer ! only briefly . so, the waste time i just used for online . facebook friends be my friends at this evening  , ohh ! so bored man..the past 2days i off day , so i made a decision to return home . then today i come back for doing my work . 2days i only used the time to break . i was tired of working , so i just ress and sleep .ohh ! sangatlah best !

thats only intro of my entry , the whole things is here ,! i want story something here ,relating to editorial . ''im just normal person '' looks , i am i ! not to be other person . i was very sad when someone told me blablabla ears cannot accept it ! even more when the person surmount infront of me ..i look like wits // but i just ignore what they want to reprobate me . i come here not to fight but to work , to find lawful sustenance . syafiq,just ignore them !

i hope , God is always with me to face all these challenges .. let people be saying anything about myself .''diorang kan suka kata-kata orang ni kan '' bagikann..they are perfect ! anything about them is perfect ! not like myself ..tension ! tension ! tension !!  20hours flow like water only . nothing do at that time .. kebosanan melanda .KBYE ..

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