Wednesday, 23 January 2013

the owner's

i love taking myself picture .  hope, dont have ''mouth drains'' complain about me .
hye, assalamualaikum ! today is a big day to me becoz, new blog were found today ! here is my second blog ! baru mula nak ''bertatih' actualay, not in a big boss also actually ! but, try to find new in life , try to be better than before .  if you want to know about me much ! you can visit my first blog! actually,there is also not my first blog HAHA , but only the blog was update daily ! if you want to know, i have lot og blogger account , but i'm veryveryvery lazy to update ! for me , the thousand account i create only for my research !

HAHA,when nafsu serakah in blog mood coming ,usah ditanya berapa juta blog aku akan create//but,nafsu serakah always in calm mood..if you want to know my speaking only in '' bahasa '' but , english also very important right ! for me , my english very bad, not better than you ,but  i try to speaking , try to improve , try to study more more about english ! before this, my teacher always teach ! but im so gnarly  . alwasy play like kiddy with other friends. now myself very regret !! however time has passed . nothing important than other , i must continue to learn more and more ''

by the way , today also is beautiful day , happy day because ''maulidur rasul'' was celebrate ! blessings upon the beloved prophet muhammad saw . as a human beigns on this earth,especially as the muslims, Remember that to bless the prophet will also get rewards if we always do. therefore, always bless him much OK !

just for the sake to say 'hye' . after this insya allah i will create more entry to you,love to become my partner and always come here ok.. ''LA TAHZAN''

with my ''lovey dovey'' nephew.QASEH QALISYA//
quote-baju yang kotor lebih memerlukan sabun daripada minyak wangi (IBNUL JAUZI)

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