Sunday, 27 January 2013

bad habits

with my sister as know as ''kakak cook''

 hello ! anybody here ?
kay takdek sape'' Who would want to accompany me tonight? err..btw,i want to share someting dekat uols , uols jelah yang ada dekat dengan aku sekarang ni . the problem is , when i can stay away from that bad habits ? i dont want to share what is the ! i just say ''bad habits'' smoking NO ! drugs NO ! all no no no !~ hanya aku sahaja yang tahu apakah dia '' bad habits'' itu ! btw,it has been my intention ! but ,everything has not been reached . sedih gila ..why myself is so cruel ? why the devil is always instigated me ? idont want to do that ! dont want ! dont want ! hate myself already !! i worry if something happen with me if i always do that bad habits ! when i read some article about the bad habit , i feel scared ! soooo scared ..

However, time has passed , i must find the windup/solution i should stop it ! i must hate that habits ! i must throw away that habits .. i must measles into trash ! and i want to trample until squashed ! errr,,so shy when i remember the old story ..i hate myself now ! i not keeping my promises .! i hope so i will forget to do the habits !i should be more mature a piece of prayer as a hope not to repeat it again

''ya allah ! ampunilah segala dosa-dosa aku ! terangilah hati aku dengan 'nur' mu ya allah ! sesungguhnya aku insan yang lemah ! kuatkanlah semangat aku untuk terus berjalan diatas jalanmu ya allah ! kuatkanlah semangat aku untuk terus berubah ya allah ! sesungguhnya engkau maha mendengar lagi maha melihat''

i hope god hear my orison ..aminn ya rabbal alamin..
jam : 2.49 pagi ..
today : my little bro birthday !

my wish for you , '' hope,,he will be the king of my family one day ! be proud of norhayati and nasir son .. be a ''hafiz'' a brother , i will always support you until die ! in syaa allah !! hope so his dream reached . aminn..

muhamad nursyaqel bin mohammad nasir ''birthday boy''

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