Saturday, 2 February 2013


in the dark night again// i dont know why i always update new entry at this time,,*mkay,just ignore ...ehem,'ve heard my new song at this blog ? btw,the title of that song is ''I GOT A BOY by snsd'' snsd already taken my heart with this song .I never tired to listening this song ..really2 like this song so much ! go go go snsd ~ harhar

today,i bring back a lot of kfc tomorrow i want to bring back and give my lil bro ..*budak asrama sememangnya kebulur kan''so,,intention of my heart is i want to give them eat..sincere from my heart okay ! *terbaik lah abang ini!kahkah.. when you see my picture above,its look like my situation is soo happy right ? yess,,im happy now but now also my situation not happy*abaikan ayat itu~

progressively worsen,,penat rasanya nak melayan keadaan sekarang ni.but im not give up ! I have to be strong to deal with it ..abaikan semuanya kan// but,i have target people at here ! i must be patient with them,becoz their mouth so shit ! fuck their mouth so much ! *err geram gila..

okay ah ! besok pukul 12 masuk kerja,bye2

when my situation soo bored ! i just draw this ..awesome not !!
this also ~ awesome not ! tssk''/

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